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Aqua-Tech Aquarium Filters

Filters are an essential component of aquarium equipment and are fundamental to the success of your aquarium. The filter’s job is to transfer the water through the filter media, where it is processed to remove odors and small waste particles, and through the BIO-Fiber, where poisonous ammonia and nitrites are removed from the aquarium water.

3-stage filtration is provided by each of the AQUA-Tech® Power Filters, resulting in healthier fish and clearer water.

Aqua-Tech Aquarium Filters Specifications

Model Gallons per Hour Capacity
AQUA-Tech® 5-15 75 GPH 5 up to 15 Gallons
AQUA-Tech® 10-20 125 GPH 10 up to 20 Gallons
AQUA-Tech® 20-40 200 GPH 20 up to 40 Gallons
AQUA-Tech® 30-60 375 GPH 30 up to 60 Gallons
Aqua-Tech Aquarium Filter Stages
  • Mechanical filtration is the initial stage of AQUA-Tech® filtration. As water runs through, the blue poly-fiber pad built into the EZ-ChangeTM Filter Cartridge screens away dirt and debris.
  • The second stage AQUA-Tech® filtration systems are chemical. The activated carbon in the EZ-ChangeTM Filter Cartridge removes dissolved garbage and eliminates smells from the water.
  • The biological stage is the third stage of AQUA-Tech® filtration. Each AQUA-Tech® Power Filter has BIO-Fiber, which provides increased surface area for beneficial bacteria to flourish and thrive. The bacteria subsequently eliminate poisonous ammonia and nitrites, which can kill fish.

Note: BIO-Fiber should never be cleaned or discarded. If the BIO-Fiber becomes too blocked, simply use conditioned water to rinse it.
AQUA-Tech® Power Filters come in four sizes providing 3-stage filtration for aquarium sizes from 5 to 60 gallons.

Aqua-Tech Aquarium Filters Benefits
  • The Aqua-Tech Power Filter includes a three-stage filtration system that provides extensive mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for high-quality water.
  • The filtering volume of the Power Filter is up to four times that of comparable filters. It also allows for more contact time with the filter material. The filter safeguards healthy microorganisms, resulting in a stress-free environment for aquarium inhabitants and clean water.
  • Its unique waterfall design allows filtered water to silently return to the tank, breaking the surface tension and giving beneficial oxygenation.
  • Installation and maintenance are quick, easy, and convenient.
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