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AquaClear Aquarium Filters: One of The best HOB Filters on the Market since 1978

Since 1978, AquaClear has been one of the world’s best-selling HOB aquarium filters. Its success and endurance are due to consistently high design quality. AquaClear’s long-term success is built on a simple chamber basket design that allows you to adjust filter material to your aquarium’s specifications.

AquaClear HOB Aquarium Filter Specifications

Model Gallons per Hour Capacity
AquaClear 20 100 GPH 5 up to 20 Gallons
AquaClear 30 60 GPH 10 up to 30 Gallons
AquaClear 50 130 GPH 20 up to 50 Gallons
AquaClear 70 290 GPH 40 up to 70 Gallons
AquaClear 110 290 GPH 60 up to 110 Gallons
AquaClear HOB Aquarium Filter Features
    • Efficiently cleans and filters water
    • Auto-start pump requires no priming, automatically restarts if power is interrupted and restored
    • Easy to install using suction cups and/or hanging clips.
    • Filters come equipped with:
      1. Carbon Cartridge for chemical filtration(removes odors and discoloration from water)
      2. Bioholster to foster biological filtration (removes toxic ammonia and nitrites)
      3. Coarse Media Sponge for mechanical filtration (removes particles and debris *not included in size 3G)
    • Fits Aquarium Sizes from 3 up to 40 Gallons
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Dimensions: 6.5″ x 5.69″ x 11.19″
    AquaClear Aquarium Filters Benefits
    • The AquaClear Power Filter has a one-of-a-kind multi-stage filtration system that offers comprehensive mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for excellent water quality.
    • The Power Filter offers up to 7 times the filtering volume of comparable filters. It also provides for more time in contact with the filter medium. The filter protects healthy microorganisms, resulting in a stress-free environment for aquarium occupants and pure water.
    • Its one-of-a-kind waterfall design allows filtered water to return to the tank quietly, breaking the surface tension and providing beneficial oxygenation.
    • The innovative flow control feature of the Power filter allows you to alter the water flow to meet the needs of your aquarium.
    • The media basket stops water from bypassing the filter media, resulting in increased filtration effectiveness.
      Installation and upkeep are quick, simple, and convenient. AquaClear foam activated carbon, and BioMax are included in the filter.
    • AquaClear offers a wide range of media, including Zeo-Carb and Ammonia Remover, which are created specifically for AquaClear Power filters.
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