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Eihem Aquarium Filters: A German Made Aquarium Filter

EHEIM is a German byword indicating high quality.

EHEIM Aquatics Group was formed in 2004 by the merger of three major European aquatics brands: EHEIM, mp, and JGER. Each one is a byword for quality, and they are all created in Germany. Since 2012, all products and services have been administered solely under the EHEIM brand. Gunther Eheim, the engineer who created EHEIM in 1949, began by creating technical toys. In the 1960s, EHEIM invented the world’s first aquarium suction filter, ushering in a new era for Eihem Aquarium Filters and ornamental fish aquariums worldwide.

EHEIM classic Aquarium Filters

With EHEIM Classic Aquarium Filters, you get everything you need for an excellent external filter.

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Because you’ve chosen a dependable, million-fold tried-and-true piece of equipment. All of the models meet the highest quality criteria. Excellent pump and filter performance is ensured by high-quality components and precisely matched features. You also get the legendary EHEIM silent operation, sturdy durability, and low energy usage. You will be very pleased.
There are five aquarium types ranging in size from 15 to 400 gallons, each with its own set of accessories.

EHEIM classic Aquarium Filters Specs.

Model Gallons per Hour Capacity
150 80 GPH 15 to 40 gallons
250 116 GPH 20 to 66 gallons
350 164 GPH 30 to 92 gallons
600 265 GPH 50 to 160 gallons
EHEIM classic Aquarium Filter Features
  • External filter generation has been tried and proven over decades and millions of times, with a solid variety of basic characteristics and a very high degree of quality.
  • Components and features that have been meticulously matched.
  • The optimal conditions for your aquarium are provided by a balance of pump performance and tank volume.
  • Running quietly, with a strong build, a long service life, and low energy usage.
  • All versions come with a spraybar, an inlet pipe, a hose, and installation accessories.
EHEIM classic Aquarium Filter Benefits
  • Millions of times tried and tested.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Running is extremely quiet.
  • Minimal energy usage
  • Pump head with a long-lasting flexible silicon sealing ring (for easy and safe replacement after cleaning).
  • Filter pads and/or loose filter media can be used to fill this container.
  • Spraybar, inlet pipe, hose, and installation accessories are included.
  • Accessories that are versatile.

EHEIM professional 4+ Aquarium Filters

The EHEIM professional 4+ Series is one of the best external filters on the market, and it now includes an ‘emergency’ button.

EHEIM has embraced many of the benefits of the professional 3 series, including powerful performance, superior energy efficiency, and quiet operation.
– Priming assistance, as well as a safety hose adapter.

However, they have upgraded the technology by including the new ‘Xtender’ button.
If the output is lowered owing to media clogging in the fine filter, the button can be modified to redirect the flow. The biological filtration is preserved, and the service interval can be increased by a few days.

There are three sizes available for aquariums ranging in size from 66 to 92 to 160 gallons. The versions 250 and 350 are also available with a built-in heater that serves as a Thermo filter (T). Furthermore, the professional 350e may be controlled electronically via a PC.

EHEIM professional 4+  Aquarium Filters Specs.

Model Gallons per Hour Capacity
professional 4+ 250/250T 251 GPH 30 to 66 gallons
professional 4+ 350/350T 277 GPH 47 to 92 gallons
professional 4+ 600 330 GPH 63 to 160 gallons

Note: Voltage: 230 Volt Power (50 Hz): 12 – 16 Watts.

EHEIM Professional 4+ Aquarium Filter Features
  • No more difficult suction procedures with self priming! The filter system is primed by the self priming assist for a quick and easy start.
  • Hose adapter for safety: Tap unit with two hose connectors – the hose adapter can only be withdrawn when the valves are closed for safety reasons.
  • Prefilter: The top prefilter collects big particles of dirt and can be cleaned on a regular basis, extending the maintenance period between media cleanings.
  • Individual filter baskets for biological and mechanical media are available. Baskets can be readily removed and the contents cleaned using the ‘Easy Clean’ grid. It is simple to remove and clean.
  • If the media (fine filter pad) becomes clogged, the flow rate can be increased using the control function. The water will be redirected, but the biological filtering will continue, allowing the filter cleaning to be postponed for a few days.
  • EHEIM high-performance bearings and ceramic axles ensure silent operation, extended life, and durability.
    Ready to connect: All professional filters will include authentic EHEIM filter material as well as the following accessories: input and outlet pipes, EHEIM quality hose, and installation accessories.